Jenil Thakker

About me

I like to build software that contributes to human progress. I'm currently working on projects in web3, focusing on DAOs, community economics and tooling that expands the scope of digital ownership.


I work on Coinvise — essential no-code tools for creators to launch and operate web3 communities. Since it's launch in 2021, Coinvise has grown to over 20K creators and onboarded notable brands including RAC, CoinDesk, Defiant and FWB.

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I invest in communities, infrastructure platforms and modular tooling that enables broader individual sovereignty, coordination and ownership via economic lego blocks. If you're a founder and I can help you out, feel free to reach out!

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I'm building an invite-only community of founders, creators, stewards and investors that share similar ideas and observations. Joining the community gives you access to my newsletter, support in building your project and more.

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Past Work

Prior to starting Coinvise, I've done academic research on security and blockchain based applications, worked on climate tech, and avionics engineering to build a rocket from scratch.


High Altitude Rocketry Program

Built a rocket that aims to reach an altitude of 100,000 feet. I was responsible for designing two flight computers that detects altitude, pressure, temperature, and acceleration.

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Network for Environment & Energy Development

Implemented a visual recognition algorithm to detect images of biological species and organized a TEDx style event with speakers from Sierra Club, City of Palo Alto, MBARI Institute and San Jose State University to talk about climate action.

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Previously, I did research on Ethereum with Dr. YoungHee Park and Dr. Thomas Austin where we worked on decentralized storage, data management & building my own consensus algorithm from scratch. We ended up publishing all of them on IEEE Explore.

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